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DearProchaska_Farms_Sign.jpg Friends,

With spring just around the corner here at Prochaska Farms we have been busy getting ready for the upcoming season. We have made many changes for this year and we can’t wait to see what you, the customers, think! I hope I have the pleasure to do business with you this season, and  if there is any information you would like or have questions about our products or programs don’t hesitate to call or email as we are always ready to help.


Mike Prochaska
Prochaska Farms

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Mom_with_CSP_box.jpg3 BIG Reasons to Join the CS Program!

The ever popular Cooperative Sharing program is starting its sign up period now until May 1st, for spring packages, and June 1st for summer packages. As many of us are facing an unfamiliar economic future, and feel the need to save when ever possible, the CS program may be just what you are looking for. By making a small investment, your family will receive fresh better tasting vegetables and possibly eliminating uneaten or wasted food. Now that your family is adding more vegetables to their diets they may stay healthier, saving you all the time, money and energy costs associated with being siCSP_box2.jpgck. With an abundance of fresh vegetables now in your home you may be more prone to stay in and cook for your family, avoiding costly restaurants. It’s that simple! If you are not familiar with our CS program please visit the webpage or inquire for a brochure.

NEW! At Prochaska Farms!

New for the 2015 growing season we will be offering a cooperative sharing market share. The CS market share works like a credit account at our farmer market stalls. You pay in advance, helping the farm offset some of our investment costs, and receive an account with the amount paid. Each week or whenever you attend the farmers market you simply choose the items you want and we deduct the cost from your account. You can use as much or as little as you want each week and you can use it at any farm market we attend. This is a very great opportunity for you to participate in the CS farm share but with less responsibility. It’s great for the family or individual with hectic schedules or if you plan on being out of town frequently during the share season. The minimum cost of the share is $200 and $50 increments if you would like more on your account. Most of the farmers markets we attend last for about 20 weeks, so it would be an average of $10 per week. Payment is due by May 1st 2014.To sign up please fill out the separate registration form for the Cooperative Sharing market share.


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